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Diagnose and repair issues on your computer and keep it at an optimum state
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Keeping your system free of junk files and unwanted leftover items from uninstalled programs is a way of helping your computer maintain its optimum level of performance. PC Reviver does precisely that – it scans your PC in search of all those bytes that shouldn’t be there clogging your precious disk space and gets rid of them, while it also updates whatever old drivers you may have on your PC.

Following the current tendency of other system maintenance tools, the program’s trial merely detects whatever files it considers to be occupying disk space unnecessarily. If you want PC Reviver to get rid of them, you’ll need to buy the corresponding license; otherwise, you’ll only be informed of how many suspicious items the scan process found and where they are located. This restrictive practice not only prevents users from cleaning their PC for free, but also prevents reviewers from providing potential users an accurate description of what the program does and how well it does it.

The same restrictive policy applies to three of the eleven tools in the Maintain section, namely Duplicates Finder, Disk Explorer, and Mass File Renamer, which are only available in the registered version. The rest (Add-ons Manager, Driver Backup, System Info, Crash Helper, Registry Defrag, Uninstall Manager, and Startup Manager) are fully functional. Actually, given the amount of free tools out there that cleans your PC from all unwanted files, I find these other utilities more interesting to the curious user than the program’s core functionality.

Personally, and important as it is as part of an overall maintenance system, I believe that performing periodical clean-ups of our PC storage disks can hardly “revive” on its own our PC’s slow or faulty performance. Besides, I find it hard to believe that my laptop holds more than 300 files left there by uninstalled programs, an operation that I perform regularly with one of the top three uninstallers in the market. I can but only feel suspicious of the program’s urges to make you register to remove that unrealistic number of leftover files. You can always download and install the free version of PC Reviver and check it for yourself. You may also find some of its “open” extra utilities to be of use.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Fast and thorough scan of unnecessary files
  • Comes with a set of useful utilities
  • Provides thorough information about your PC and its components


  • The trial version doesn't repair any of the issues found
  • Some tools don't work in the trial version
  • Checks drivers, junk files, and uninstall leftovers only
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